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Troy Dental Implants

Comprehensive Diagnostics and Treatment Under One Roof

It has been nearly 50 years since dental implants became the Gold Standard of tooth replacement. Surgeries during those historical times were usually performed by Oral Surgeons. Later, the specialty group of Periodontists emerged as the second resource for dental implant surgery, although they don't typically restore the teeth (place crowns, bridgework or dentures).

Reconstructive Institute Dr Nazarian
Dental Surgery Seminar taught by Dr. Nazarian

Troy Tooth Replacement Options

The evolution of implant dentistry, as a viable and now DEFINITIVE treatment solution for missing teeth is discussed in detail on our History Facts page. Please read this page to gain an understanding of why we do what we do ..... and why our patients enjoy having treatment outcomes that exceed their original expectations.

One Roof -- One Appointment

Our practice has complete access to what is considered to be leading or cutting edge technologies. In other words... we can provide treatments and procedures that many (unfortunately) dentists are not, yet, even aware of.

Dr. Nazarian is a popular lecturer and product evaluator for a variety of dental technology development companies. Because of this unique involvement with the professional dental community, he has the unique advantage of knowing what works best when it comes to providing what patients want.... with the least amount of fuss and inconvenience.

Comprehensive Dental Care Detroit
Oftentimes, Dr. Nazarian can advise on what shouldn't done to assure treatment failure doesn't occur as well as learning what represents sensible treatment.

Our practice provides a complete array of sedation services that meets even the most fickle demands of patients who are fearful of treatment... for whatever the reason.

Dental phobias, mild anxieties or bad treatment experiences in the past. Nearly everyone has a unique need for feeling comfortable. Our technologies can provide whatever degree of comfort a patient requires, without exception.

Oral surgeries, for example, that involve the extraction of several teeth are completed within minutes, rather than hours. Preparation for tooth replacement, whether for just one or a few teeth .... all the way to rehabilitating an entire jaw, occurs within minutes after extraction.

Specialized bone grafting, as required by unique tissue conditions caused by extractions are provided on an "almost" automatic basis. In most cases, the 3D cone beam or CTscans provides the critical diagnostic information for assuring that treatment dollars are used wisely and without waste nor inconvenience.

Unique Treatments for Patients Who Have Been Told Nothing Can Be Done

Reconstructive Dr Nazarian
Unfortunately, the limits of "what can be done" are oftentimes limited to a dentist's experience or access to technologies.

In our office..... we promote the concept that nothing is impossible. We have access to technologies that are proven but lack the "professional awareness" of the average dentist.

In cases where a patient has been declared a "non-candidate" due to unusual bone tissue conditions or deficits, Dr. Nazarian is able to provide bone tissue augmentation sufficient for accommodating a variety of tooth replacement needs.

One appointment dentist Dr Nazarian
Choosing between an implant bridge or an implant denture is always based upon the smartest options for permanent, long term oral health possibilities.

Diagnostics and Planning

Cutting edge diagnostic technologies creates the basis for developing a treatment protocol for virtually every patient.

Multiple Choice Treatment Plans - Not Just One

Dr. Nazarian's access to a variety of dental technologies and products enables him to develop a CHOICE of treatment plans, all of which produce the desired result as described by the patient.

Questions and Details

Dr. Nazarian can be most easily contacted via our on-line email Contact Form. He will respond to you directly with the answers you seek to unique questions or questions about the activities of the Reconstructive Dental Institute.

Ara Nazarian, DDS
1857 East Big Beaver Road
Troy MI 48083
(248) 457-0500 - Fax: (248) 457-0501

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